Google Sniper X Will Increase Your Income Even More Than Previous Versions

google sniper x review

Hey, It’s important. Note that George brown Google sniper X Upgrade version. You can earn extra income(money) from home with this advanced Program

Google Sniper 2.0, a George Brown creation, has been on the market for several years and has received both positive and negative reviews.

The negative will refer to it as a scam and the positive will report the increased incomes they have made.

There have been enough positive reviews and success stories for George Brown to expand on the Google Sniper with Google Sniper X.

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What Google Sniper X will provide

To start, the Google Sniper X does differ from the original in that you pay a monthly fee to join the system instead of the onetime upfront fee. There are 30 videos in this system that will be updated regularly to give new and cutting edge techniques as they become available. There are also webinars where you can watch Q & A’s with George.

Google Sniper X is designed to provide money making capabilities by creating, Sniper Sites. The sites are to be created in multiples to give products a larger presence on the internet that will lead to more exposure and sales. The methods shown by George Brown and used in the Gsniper X will lead to top rankings within Google.

A sniper site is a quick sales page or in other words, a one page website, which are called, ‘lead pages’. These are created to maximize exposure in a certain niche and achieve top rankings in order to corral potential buyers.

Google does change its algorithms from time to time, with Google Sniper X you are made aware of the changes to keep updated with the latest improvements.

The cost to purchase into this system is a onetime fee of $47 to join and a monthly fee of $47 to continue with the intermediate system, Google Sniper X, which will then keep you updated on all new technology and changes occurring in the internet.

To be successful with this system you will also need to access certain tools such as; website hosting, keyword tools and look into how to write articles. Google Sniper X comes with video tutorials that should answer any of the questions you have regarding how to increase your extra income potential. There is also a 101 page ebook manual to consult for help as you begin this program.

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With the release of ‘Penguin‘ and ‘Panda‘ by Google, some of the basics in the Google Sniper System will not work; however with Gsniper X, George addresses this in the eBook. He includes instructions that will work with these programs.

There are additional training modes that are complimentary and teach you how to re-work some of the basics. These instructions can be found in the members’ portal of Sniper X.

The eBook has valuable information included such as; how to create a sniper site with valuable content, how to use a variety of keywords rather than just sniper keywords and the proper way to get backlinks.

George also shares in this system how to outsource your content so that others can grow your Google Sniper X site. He shows you how to make a full time income with this system.

The Sniper program offers you access to the support desk where you will find knowledgeable staff members ready to assist with any questions or problems regarding your account. Support is critical to achieving the success you are looking for, and Google Sniper X team will be there for you.

There are bi-weekly Sniper X question and answer coaching webinars. Live coaching calls are held every two weeks exclusively for the Google Sniper X members. These calls will teach the newest sniping techniques as well as taking care of any problems that may have come up for the members.

Any problems that arise before or after the webinars can be submitted on a ticket dedicated to Google Sniper X members and a technician will answer your submission promptly.

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The Videos:

google sniper x training course review

Each of the videos covers a specific topic and they can be watched in random order depending on topic of interest.

The first video is a welcome video and covers the shifts in the Google Search algorithm. George Brown speaks on this one talking about the current state of Google Sniping. He briefly takes you through the system and advises on how best to navigate it.

He offers one suggestion at the end of this video, telling members to jump to the Sniper make money Machine to begin the process with how to get money fast and the ‘Quick boost to earning the first $100’.

(What is the Google Sniper Cash Machine you ask? This is a program that markets Google Sniper X by using your FaceBook Friends List. You are provided instructions on how to setup a clickbank account and provide a pre-created post template and email template so you can cut and paste to your FaceBook posts and emails.

The hope in doing this is your friends and family will click on the link, see the products, and you earn a commission for them doing this. You will receive 60% of whatever they buy after clicking into the site.)

Video 1- George Brown goes through the process of building a targeted list. He will show how to use the free tools he recommends. He will also advise on how to pick a winning product (from Clickbank) to ensure you become a winner through this system.

Video 2- George Brown introduces proven and profitable niches and how to earn your own off of them. This eliminates the risk of setting off on your own into risky and unknown efforts. This process is referred to as, ‘keyword spying’.

google sniper x video:process of obtaining these keywords using keyword toolHe will walk through the process of obtaining these keywords using Google’s new keyword tool. The Google Keyword Planner is free but you need to understand the technique to get it to work properly for you, George will guide you through this saving you a lot of time.

Video 3- Looks at search engine ranking and talks about the new Google search algorithm. The directions are given for internal sniper linking.

It will show how to setup a wordpress blog which is the first step needed to getting your sniper site live. Also covered are how to setup your hosting account with basic plugins you will need to install.

Video 4- This video will also cover Google search algorithm and search engine ranking. The directions differ though as it relates to external sniper linking. This is a very useful video covering the importance of ‘pre-selling’, an element you will need.

Video 5- Offers an alternative or additional way to earn extra cash. Provides how you can charge local businesses a fee for helping them google snipe their websites. This will put a ‘twist’ on your google sniping. Using the, Pretty Link plugin you will be able to manage your affiliate links in your website.

Video 6- Will lead you through a performance that can speed up your sniper sites with the use of plug-ins. George shares his success by showing you which plug-ins are the most effective.

This video covers how to actually create your sniper site with all technical issues needed such as; your posts, adding pictures, editing personalized widgets and writing/publishing your posts.

Video 7- Goes through how social media will help in online marketing. George will explain how FaceBook, Twitter and other social media sites can help you increase your earnings.

He will take you through a walk on how to ping your websites so that Google notices your sniper site and offer the use of several techniques he found invaluable to get ranked and gain authority.

Video 8- Here you are taught how to research an idea and find a niche. How to research with keywords is covered by George in this video.

Video 9- How to obtain another source of commissions from local services is discussed. George talks about how you can look into using services such as cosmetic surgeons to build on your income sources.

Video 10- Learn how to use back links in the correct way.

Video 11- Simple techniques are shown on how to obtain profitable ideas.

Video 12- Shows how piggy backing off others efforts and jumping the queue by using a domain that has a lot of relevant backlinks and is already google trusted.

Video 13- Gives you a look into a live sniper site, this is titled study 1.

Video 14- There is a powerful backlinking method called, Track-Backing and in this video George explains how it works.

Video 15- This one is titled study 2 and gives a second look into a live sniper site.

Video 16- A new method to siphon off targeted traffic is shown. It goes through the process of how to rent out space from others blogs.

Video 17- A title of study 3 is assigned to this look at a live sniper site.

Video 18- George shares his ‘classic’ method of using solo ads to driver super targeted visitors fast.

Video 19- Another look at a live sniper site called, study 4.

Video 20- This is a tutorial and goes into getting traffic from users by looking for help in your niche.

Video 21- Live sniper site 5 is visited in this video.

Video 22- Explains how to set up your sniper site for ‘physical products’.

Video 23- Instructs how to use a very powerful backlink to link back to your sniper site.

Video 24- Another look at a live sniper site, titled live case study 6.

Video 25-Copywriting tips are explained and some tips are given to make your headlines using some easy methods. This video also shows how to make your call to actions much catchier.

Video 26- George explains how to get evergreen free traffic and shares on how to get featured on an authority blog.

Video 27- A look at a live sniper site and they have titled this video, live sniper site 7.

Video 28- Live sniper site 8 is visited on this video.

Video 29- Further look into a live sniper site and titled live sniper site 9.

Video 30- The last of the videos offered on Google Sniper X and also a final look into live sniper sites. This final video is titled, live sniper site 10.

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The Pros and Cons of the Google Sniper X system

Negative google sniper review concern the pricing of Google Snipper X. There is confusion regarding how you are billed when the product is taken right away for $47 a month, versus how if you opt to take trial version first, you are then billed $67 a month.

The reviewers also are not happy with the support provided from the Google Sniper Team and claim there is no community presence. Some of the videos have poor resolution. The cons regarding the video presentations say they are of poor quality with too many black screens and background voices being heard.

Just as with the previous versions of the George Brown Google Sniper systems, Google Sniper X review has also gotten some good and some negative. The positive state the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

The videos are also receiving positive reviews as they provide important online marketing tips. Google sniper 3.0 reviews are also positive about how there are updates to some of the addresses that are no longer effective from the previous Sniper systems.

Building any career, especially an online one, is going to take time and patience. Even though the Google Sniper X sounds really good and there are positive signs that an extra or even a full time income can be made by using it, you have to plan on putting some time and effort into it.

There has never been a quick fix for people to make a lot of money; they have always had to invest some of themselves into the project. As everyone is different, having different skills and interests, it may not work for everyone, but it will work for those that put serious effort in to it.

Remember this system provides the training needed to be successful, how you use the information and what you do with it is all up to you. You will either make this a success or a failure.

For those skeptics out there who still think this a scam, George wants you to know you can buy this system and try it. He assures you there is nothing to lose, and you will thank yourself later for trying it out.

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No questions 60 days Refund Guarantee, Most advanced members go for this

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