Real view of ‘What you will learn’

google sniper first screen

This view is first page of the Google sniper homepage. You will see George brown’s intro video. this page is not important

#2 Google sniper Main course

google sniper main course

you see, 5 training modules are exists.

1. Master Manual & Maps

2. The Seven video Modules

3. Stage Two : Bulletproofing

4. Empire Module ( Bonus )

5. Additional Training


1. Master Manual & Maps

Chapter 1 and 2

gsniper book 1

You will learn in Chapter 1 & 2

Finding a Profitable Niche Market ( of course contain Finding a Low competition Niche Market )

Building Awesome Site ( ex. domain, hosting, installing wordpress, plugins, themes )


Chapter 3 & 4

gsniper book2

you will learn in Chapter 3 & 4

How to write profitable

How to Google SEO Optimize


Chapter 5 & 6 & 7

gsniper book3

You will learn in Chapter 5 & 6 & 7

How to Maximizing Conversions

Getting Your Site Ranked

Integrating with Youtube and How to Solve The Google SANDBOX

Chapter 8

gsniper book4

You will learn in Chapter 8

How to Scale up Your site ( How to be Super Affiliates !! )


gsniper manual



gsniper process maps

You can Download Process Maps. and then You only need to follow the shown on the map. Simply follow the map shown in, you can get passive income.

But you can not succeed in one day, When you constantly practice it is “proven effective methods,” without giving up, Sooner or later You’ll get a huge passive income.

Download Google sniper 3.0 ( contain The Master Manual & Process Maps )

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